Integrate Google Maps with SuperOffice CRM

Geolocate your CRM contacts

  • Map overview
  • Distance and route
  • Identify contacts & companies with poor data

Increase effectivity

By being able to view CRM data on a map and plan your sales route directly from within your SuperOffice without having to mange lists will both save you time and provide a more  precise overview.

View selections on a map

See different kategories in different colours.

View a specific catagory

Mark a specific category to view it on the map.

Route planning

See the distance and get a recommendation of the route.

Customized user interface

Set and customize your category colours

(Pro feature)

Create appointments from a map

Able to quicker create appointments with your contacts

(Pro feature)

Map4You was created by i-Centrum AB, a Sweden based CRM consultancy company.

Since 2012 we have been thriving to become the number one partner for our customers to help them with their CRM, marketing, Sales and Business Intelligence.

With SuperOffice as our prime partner we coach, implement and, build apps and integrations for our customers to help their SuperOffice experience becomes effective and profitable. 

Join over 2,500 happy users of our apps!

Get started today

Map4You Pro

€2 per user per month

  • View up to 500 contacts and companies on a map.
  • Customized user interface

Map4You Free

Free forever

  • View up to 100 contacts and companies on a map.
  • Limited customization

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